At Aquinas Catholic College Menai, we empower students to organise themselves for daily school life by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Students are able to become independent, confident learners, which sets them up to navigate the complexity and challenges of the modern world.

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House System

Aquinas Catholic College Menai has a House System designed to motivate, recognise and reward the achievements of students across a variety of curricula and co-curricular areas of college life, and build teamwork and a sense of community via membership of a House group within a supportive environment.

The house system is designed to create a positive climate of healthy competition and rivalry between the four House Groups. House activities are intended to cultivate a sense of belonging and add fun, energy, enthusiasm and celebration to the daily experience of school.

Each House competes for the House Shield. House activities of a sporting, cultural and academic nature will be organised throughout the year to promote House spirit.

Students are allocated to a House upon arrival at the college with siblings placed in the same House. Two House Captains, along with House Patrons are responsible for the general organisation of each House at the various carnivals and for developing a sense of house spirit.

LaSalle House recognises St John Baptist De La Salle, the founder of the De La Salle order, the first Catholic schools.   He dedicated much of his life to the education of poor children in France; in doing so, he started many lasting educational practices and is the Patron saint of Educators.

MacKillop House recognises Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Australia’s first canonized saint. Through lifelong adversity she remained determined; establishing schools, institutions and education for the poor. Mary MacKillop said, ‘Never see a need without doing something about it’. She believed in the dignity of each person and responded to the needs of those around her.

Nagle House recognises Venerable Nano Nano, the founder of the Presentation Sisters and a pioneer of Catholic education in Ireland.  Known fondly as the ‘Lady of the Lantern’ Nano Nagle used all her wealth to fund the education of the poor and destitute. Her lantern became a symbol of light and hope.

Rice House recognises Blessed Edmund Rice, an Irishman who founded the Christian Brothers and the Presentation Brothers – Religious Communities of men who worked to create a system of education for under-privileged youth. His values of equity, justice and education for all are foundations of our College community.